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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

DM ultralong Norrbotten (12/09/2021)
Sunday 12 September 2021
Category: Competition
Alvik-Antnäs, OK Renen, Sweden
Rain, ca 8 degrees. No control misses but a couple of bad (and badly executed) route choices. Second (by 4 mins) of 3 in H65.
DM medel Norrbotten (11/09/2021)
Saturday 11 September 2021
Category: Competition
Alvik-Antnäs, OK Renen, Sweden
Fine, 11 degrees, a mostly clean run for 1st (of 3!) in H65 and my first DM gold. Fun, intricate terrain, generally good runnabili...
Nukutus träningsläger svart nivå (08/09/2021)
Wednesday 8 September 2021
Category: Training
Luossavaara, IFK Kiruna, Sweden
Mostly fine, 13 degrees with autumn colours. The ruin at no. 3 was just some boards on the ground - overran it on the first pass. ...
IFK Kiruna training Varggropen (24/08/2021)
Tuesday 24 August 2021
Category: Training event
Luossavaarabladet, IFK Kiruna, Mats Walfridsson, Sweden
Rain, 9 degrees C. 4th of 7 on the long course (6:an) with 72:29. Winner Bobby Brahm, 47:48. Errors at no. 3 (ca 3 mins), 12...
Napapiiri-Jukola, Rovaniemi (22/08/2021)
Sunday 22 August 2021
Category: Competition
Vennivaara, Jukolan Viesti, Finland
Relay , leg Leg 4|Results
Cold and drizzly when I started at 04:45, and dark enough to use a headlamp for the first 45 mins of my run. Hard to read the m...
IFK Kiruna training event (17/08/2021)
Tuesday 17 August 2021
Category: Training event
Laxforsen, Conny Nilimaa, IFK Kiruna, Sweden
Lost a couple of minutes at no. 1 (the diagonal N lines threw me...), and was a little to the right in the ring at no. 3. Lost map...
Moskojärvi Naturpasset (11/08/2021)
Wednesday 11 August 2021
Category: Training
Moskojärvi, Bergens IF, Sweden
A 61-minute training run round 11 Naturpasset controls at Syrävaara on the fabled Moskojärvi map.