PM Abisko 2-day and District Champs for Norrbotten

Middle distance 4 August and Long distance 5 August 2007

IFK Kiruna welcome you to Abisko and wish you good luck for your runs.

Event centre The event centre ("Tävlingscentrum", TC) is the helicopter pad in Abisko Östra. Signposted from the E10 highway, and from Abisko Tourist Station for those who walk (c. 2.5 km along a tar-sealed walking path).
Parking Park where directed by the parking attendants. No parking fee. Distance to TC 500 m.
Combination of courses D20 + D21 = D21 (W20 run in W21)
H20 + H21 = H21 (M20 run in M21)
D75 + D70 = D70 (W75 and W70 have the same-length course)
Course lengths Course lengths and number of controls on each day are given in the list below.
           Middle distance 4/8 Long distance 5/8 (K=controls)
H75        2.0 km   10 K       2.9 km    9 K
H70        2.2 km   11 K       4.1 km   10 K
H65        2.2 km   11 K       4.1 km   10 K
H60        2.2 km   11 K       4.5 km   11 K
H55        3.0 km   12 K       5.0 km   12 K
H50        3.0 km   12 K       5.5 km   13 K
H45        3.4 km   15 K       6.3 km   15 K
H40        3.4 km   15 K       6.5 km   13 K
H35        3.9 km   16 K       7.5 km   13 K
H21        4.7 km   18 K      12.1 km   20 K
H18        3.4 km   15 K       7.6 km   15 K
H16        3.4 km   13 K       5.2 km   14 K
H14        3.2 km   14 K       4.0 km   11 K
H12        2.5 km   10 K       3.0 km    9 K
H10        2.3 km    9 K       2.6 km    8 K
D70        2.0 km   10 K       2.5 km    7 K
D65        1.9 km    9 K       2.9 km    9 K
D60        1.9 km    9 K       3.6 km    9 K
D55        1.9 km    9 K       3.6 km    9 K
D50        2.2 km   11 K       3.6 km    9 K
D45        2.4 km   11 K       4.1 km    9 K
D40        3.0 km   12 K       4.3 km   10 K
D35        3.0 km   12 K       4.6 km   11 K
D21        3.9 km   16 K       7.6 km   15 K
D18        3.1 km   13 K       5.0 km   12 K
D16        3.1 km   14 K       4.1 km   11 K
D14        2.6 km   12 K       3.7 km   10 K
D12        2.5 km   10 K       3.0 km    9 K
D10        2.3 km    9 K       2.6 km    8 K
U4         2.6 km   12 K       3.7 km   10 K
U3         2.5 km   10 K       3.0 km    9 K
U2         2.3 km    9 K       2.6 km    8 K
U1         2.5 km    9 K       2.0 km    6 K
INSKOLNING (Youngest beginners) 2.5 km    9 K       2.0 km    6 K 
Open 1     2.3 km    9 K       2.6 km    8 K
Open 2     3.0 km   12 K       3.3 km   11 K
Open 4     3.2 km   14 K       3.7 km   10 K
Open 5                         3.5 km   12 K
Open 6                         5.2 km   14 K
Open 7     2.9 km   12 K       2.9 km    9 K
Open 8     4.7 km   18 K       5.0 km   12 K
Open 9                         7.6 km   15 K
Punching system SportIdent is used for punching and timing.
Club envelopes Club envelopes containing rented SportIdent e-cards can be collected from the office ("kansliet") at the TC.
Race numbers Only classes HD 10 to 21 have race numbers. The same number is used on both days and should be worn clearly visible on the chest. Collect your race number at the start (self-service).
Start Saturday: Near the TC. First start 3 pm (15.00).
Sunday: Distance from TC to start 700 m. Orange and white markers. Path and open moorland. First start 10 am (10.00).
Late entries start before the first start times given here.

Course lengths do not include the distance to the start triangle.

Start procedure "Inskolning" (Youngest beginners), U- and Open classes have free start time and start by punching the SportIdent start unit. All other classes have predetermined start times.

Classes HD 18 and older take their map on the start signal, other classes may take their map 1 minute before their start time.

Shadowing is permitted in open classes, U classes and "Inskolning" (Youngest beginners).

The start triangle is some distance from the start on both days. Follow the taped route. You must pass the start triangle.

Remember to zero your SportIdent e-card before the start. Zeroing units (labelled "Töm") can be found adjacent to the start area.

"Miniknat" A string course for the very youngest. 2-3 pm (14.00-15.00) on Saturday and 9-10 am (09.00-10.00) on Sunday. No entry fee.
Enter-on-the-day courses ("Direktanmälan"): You can enter any of the Open classes on the day at the office ("kansliet") at the TC. Entry fee is 60 SEK for juniors and 90 SEK for adults. SportIdent e-cards can be rented for 25 SEK.
Saturday: entries 2-3.30 pm (14.00-15.30), free start times between 3-4.30 pm (15.00-16.30).
Sunday: entries 9-10.30 am (09.00-10.30), free start times between 10-11.30 am (10.00-11.30).
Rental SportIdent e-cards Rental e-cards are to be returned after your run on Sunday. If you only compete on Saturday you should return your e-card after your run on Saturday. Enter-on-the-day competitors should return their e-cards when they reach the finish. Lost e-cards will be charged for (350 SEK).
Entry fees Non swedish clubs/competitors must pay registration fees and rental e-card fees prior to start. The fees are payed at the office ("kansliet").
Control descriptions There are only loose control descriptions. There is equipment for attaching them to the map at the start.
Controls The controls are marked with orange and white flags and equipped with electronic punching units, control codes and traditional punches.

A beep and a red light confirm that you have punched. If you do not get this confirmation you should punch in an appropriate place on your map (there are no printed squares) with the traditional punch.

The controls are very close together in places. Always check the control code, which is on the SportIdent unit.

About 1/3 of the controls are built of wood, the others are on aluminium stakes.

Map Drawn 2006 by Carlsson & Svanberg AB and Håkans Kartor and printed 2007.
Saturday: scale 1:10000
Sunday: scale 1:15000 for HD16-35, scale 1:10000 for all others.
Contour interval 5 m. North lines are at c 3 degrees relative to the edge of the map.
Map corrections A path is marked on the map corrections. This path is printed on the map for HD10 and HD12.

A number of courses pass a scientific experiment area with a number of constructions. This areas is marked on the map corrections.

Terrain Shorter, easier courses: Forest with a large number of paths. Other courses: Forest with some paths, lakes and marshes. There are some open areas of mountain heath. There are some steep areas but in general the area is relatively flat and not very detailed. Good runnability. The vegetation consists mainly of mountain birch forest. The leaves on the low-growing mountain birch trees limit visibility in some areas.
Out of bounds Near the TC there are two small Out-of-bounds areas. These are marked with blue and yellow tape in the terrain.
Scientific experiments There are a number of unmarked scientific experiments in the area. Please be careful when passing through these.
Drinks Drinks are available after the finish. On Sunday H18 and HD21 have drinks at the radio control after c 5 km. Sport drink (Maxim) and water.
Maximum time 3 hours.
Jury The members of the jury will be listed on a noticeboard at the TC.
Toilets and showers Toilets are available near the TC. There will be a simple toilet for the women and a urinal for the men at the start on Sunday.

There are a limited number of showers, so if at all possible use the showers at your own accommodation. Blue and white markers to the men's showers, green and white to the women's.

Prizegiving Saturday: Only District Champs medals (Norrbotten competitors only)
Sunday: District Champs medals (Norrbotten competitors) and prizes for overall results of both days. "Skogsflickorna" award their "Skinn" Prize.

Times for the prizegiving will be announced later.

Memorial medal To celebrate that IFK Kiruna turns 100 we will present all competitors with a memorial medal at the finish on Saturday.
Creche Creche is 200 m from the TC, for children from 1 year old.
Saturday: Open from 2.15-6 pm (14.15-18.00)
Sunday: Open from 9.15am-2pm (09.15-14.00)
Map sales Unmarked, off-set printed maps will be on sale from the TC office for 40 SEK (paper) and 60 SEK (Tyvek, plastic paper).
Food sales Abisko Mountain Lodge will be selling food at the TC.
Panorama Café Saturday 4/8 from 5-10 pm (17.00-22.00) you can take the chairlift up to the Panorama Café on Nuolja at 900 masl and experience the competition area from above. Up there you have a vast view over the terrain, the mighty Lapporten (Lappish Gate) and Lake Torneträsk. The café serves baguettes, tea and coffee and in the evening, a good Suovas (smoked reindeer meat) kebab!

Pay in advance prices:
Chairlift - 150 SEK per person (usual price 200 SEK)
Chairlift and Suovas kebab - 200 SEK per person
You can pay in advance at the Reception at the Abisko Tourist Station up until 2 pm (14.00) on Saturday 4/8.
NB: Only cash can be accepted up at the Panorama Café

Chief organiser Conny Nilimaa
conny[ at ]
Planner Mats Luspa
matsl[ at ]
PR, marketing, press Rick McGregor
rick[ at ]
Service Anders Morell
Administration Eva Ekelund
Course controller Christer Carlsson
Competition controller Karl-Erik Lindbäck